So, our fearless leader appears to have deep pockets at the G20 summit.

It’s an early Christmas for Indonesia, which finds $750 million in their stocking to finance infrastructure projects as part of the Liberal “Indo Pacific” strategy.

“It will also make our supply chains stronger and create good jobs,” said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Well, charity begins at home Justin.

And, furthermore, the only strategy that provides security for Canada is investment in our country.

I don’t believe it is as complicated as the Liberal government would have us believe. Self sufficiency is key to our survival as a nation. If the recent past has proven nothing else, it has shown that we should not rely on other nations to provide the goods we need to thrive.

Yet the Liberals persist that the answer is to invest in a concept that is failing us — globalization.

Wait, there’s more. Under the tree is another $80 million for a World Bank project to help developing countries manufacture MRNA COVID 19 vaccines.

I’m just a simple guy, but why don’t we do that? Seriously? Why don’t we do that? Eighty million dollars would be a good start right? A few more jobs here for people struggling with grocery bills and looking for a place to live?

Oh my! Another present? In the big box — $10 billion to help Indonesia “wean itself off coal.”

Well, apparently it’s been a banner tax year for Mr. Trudeau (no doubt revenues from mega high domestic grocery store profits have chipped in).

Just in a generous guy sharing your hard-earned money with the world.

Merry Christmas Canada! (That’s right, I said the word Christmas).

Brad Rundle


Justin Trudeau speaks with China’s President Xi Jinping at the G20 Leaders’ Summit in Bali, Indonesia, Tuesday. Trudeau defended his hard talk with Xi, who accused the Canadian prime minister of leaking details of their “private conversation.” Photo Prime Minister’s Office handout