TORONTO Local Greens candidate Matt Richter has received the endorsement of “Mr. Green” David Suzuki.

The well-known environmental “super star” came out today for the Parry Sound-Muskoka candidate saying in release: “Only the Green Party is founded on principles that understand that we need clean air, water, soil and food to keep us alive and well. Matt Richter has demonstrated his commitment to fight for a better future through green values, and that’s why he has my support in this election.”

Richter replied: “It’s an honour to receive support from such a well-respected environmental leader.”

Suzuki also threw his considerable political and environmental weight behind party Leader Mike Schreiner for Guelph and Dianne Saxe, deputy party leader and candidate for University-Rosedale.

“The well-being of the air, water, soil and food are what keeps us alive and well,” Suzuki said. “Deputy leader of the Ontario Greens, and former environment commissioner, Dianne Saxe has demonstrated her commitment to fight for a better future through her unwavering commitment to address the climate crisis and protect our environment. That’s why she has my support in this election.”

“Thank you to super star David Suzuki for endorsing me for University-Rosedale,” Saxe said.

He said “Mike Schreiner has proven as leader of the Ontario Greens and as MPP for Guelph that he is committed to fight for a better future through green values, and that’s why he has my support in this election.”

Suzuki’s endorsement adds to a growing list of endorsements that both Saxe and Richter have received by prominent local, provincial and national voices.

The party release adds that “in a historic moment,” Richter (and Schreiner) was endorsed earlier this week by the OSSTF.

Richter was also endorsed by local ETFO representatives.

Saxe, too, has received endorsements from dozens of prominent voices across the political spectrum, including former Conservative heavyweight Hugh Segal, former Toronto mayor and NDP candidate Barbara Hall, Liberal Tom Axworthy (former principal Secretary to prime minister Pierre E. Trudeau.

“Thank you David for endorsing two of our star candidates, Matt and Dianne, and myself,” said Schreiner. “It’s truly humbling.”

Green Leader Mike Schreiner and “star” candidate Matt Richter were endorsed by environmental “super star” David Suzuki today. Schreiner has been working the local riding hard to get his man elected making multiple appearances including this week in Huntsville.


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