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HUNTSVILLE A day after being here to announce his party’s housing strategy for the riding, Greens leader Mike Schreiner said last night he’s tested positive for COVID.

Also Thursday, NDP Leader Andrea Horwath also said today she has the coronavirus.

Both are are vaccinated and self-isolating.

Schreiner, who says he believes he was in contact with a staff member who has COVID, was joined Tuesday by his party’s candidate Matt Richter — who was standing right beside him — and several supporters downtown at the waterfront band shell.

UPDATE: Greens media rep Darren Elias tells that “Matt is testing daily right now (tested negative Thursday morning) and is masking in indoor public spaces. He had COVID in February and we released it publicly at the time.”

“Ontario Greens have new solutions to the old problems that the people of Parry Sound–Muskoka are facing,” Schreiner said. “We are in a housing affordability crisis and it’s hitting this riding particularly hard. Half measures won’t cut it.”

“Greens will address the housing affordability crisis in Parry Sound–Muskoka and protect nature at the same time.”
Schreiner said Ontario Greens will increase affordable housing supply and protect nature:

  • Increase supply by offering zero-interest loans of $25K and streamlining the application process for homeowners to add affordable rental units, such as secondary suites, onto their primary residence.
  • Build 1,000 affordable rental homes right here in Parry Sound–Muskoka
  • Freeze urban boundaries immediately and permanently protect 30% of Ontario nature by 2030 to protect homes and communities from expensive climate-fuelled extreme weather events like flooding

“I hear it from the people in my community every day: housing affordability is the top issue here in Huntsville and across the riding,” Richter said. “There is simply not enough housing for everyone here to have an affordable place to call home.”
Greens  claim momentum is surging in Parry Sound–Muskoka, in particular with the new development that there will be no Liberal candidate for the riding.

But polls still show the Tories with the lead locally and provincially with the provincial election two weeks from today.

Greens candidate Matt Richter, left, was standing beside Mike Schreiner Tuesday, a day before the party leader announced he has COVID and believes he may have gotten it from a staff member.


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