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GRAVENHURST — The Salvation Army Thrift Shop is taking donations.

Just not like this — a dump-and-run.

They prefer food instead.

Dozens of bags of clothing and furniture was dumped at the front door of the main street family services store on the weekend.

Then came two days of rain — and snow.

All lined up under a couple of windowfront signs — including a giant one — that say ‘No Dumping.’

And one that clearly says ‘Thrift Store is NOT accepting donations until further notice.’

Unfortunately that “donation” will now mostly land up in the landfill.

Lt. Ian Robinson said they “appreciate” the thought, but because it is “weather-damaged” it can’t be used.

He told MuskokaTODAY.com this morning that he was unaware what was left.

But store manager Nancy Patchett was “very surprised” when she returned from vacation to work Monday.

She said most of it is “pretty ruined” after being left out.

And though they are back to accepting donations after a time being unable to accept anything due the pandemic, their doors are open to the kindness of the community they normally experience, she said.

But depending on the amount dropped off — and the staff they have — sometimes they must stop accepting till they can properly go through and sort it.

That time is right now — but maybe later this week, Patchett said Nov. 2.

She said this kind of dumping happens “more often” than they’d like.

“We ask that people give us a quick call to make sure we are taking donations.

And bring items inside the store — don’t leave them outside on their doorstep.

During COVID people have been doing a lot of spring cleaning in their spare time.

That has led to tons of excess goods and homewares from years of hoarding that people are stuck with.

With seemingly nowhere or no one to give it to.

Leaving organizations like the Salvation Army — which cleans and sells it to support its church programs and people in need — often overwhelmed.

Too often the dumps are left by people who don’t want to pay the fee at landfills to dispose of their unwanteds.

Experts advise that if there’s nowhere for you to drop things off — or you don’t want to pay for your over-consumption — they can always put an extra bag out for weekly garbage pickup.

It may take a few weeks, but it saves stresses on NGOs.

Meanwhile, Robinson says they are ready for Wednesday  night’s ‘Pop the Trunk’ food drop-off at the Salvation Army’s office, a few blocks north on Muskoka Road at Winewood Avenue.

There, from 7-8 p.m. you can leave all the food you want.

Stop, pop and drop.

Under a sign that reads ‘Thrift Store is NOT accepting donations until further notice’ some one disposed of their unwanteds on the weekend.
A good Samaritan without good sense left this mess for someone else to clean up.
No matter which way you look at it or what angle this is not a donation in kind.

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