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SIMCOE-MUSKOKA — Three Muskoka residents are among 96 reported COVID cases today.

A Bracebridge man, aged 45-64, who obtained it through the community; a Huntsville woman, also 45-64, who got it through travel; and an 18-34 Muskoka Lakes woman with close contact are the latest to test positive.

And if you’re daring — or irresponsible — enough to travel to Barrie to Christmas shop, beware there were 41 people reported with the coronavirus in the past three days.

Not to mention those in close contact with those individuals who have not recently tested positive.

Monday’s Nov. 30 numbers are a fraction of the total picture in the province, which had 1,746 cases and 8 deaths, which is up 1.5 per cent since Sunday.

The provincial annual total, as of the last day of the month, is 116,492.

In Quebec, they reported 1,333 positive tests and 23 people died yesterday.

NOTES: As of Monday, Public Health Ontario also reports:

Case characteristics:

Male: 56,637 confirmed cases (48.6%)
Female: 59,160 confirmed cases (50.8%)
Did not specify male or female: 695 confirmed cases (0.6%)
Age 60+: 26,768 confirmed cases (23.0%)
Health care workers: 9,797 confirmed cases (8.4%)


LTCs: 695
Retirement homes: 340
Hospitals: 171

There were 695 COVID-19 outbreaks in long-term care homes (LTCH) (a change of +5 outbreaks), 340 COVID-19 outbreaks in retirement homes (a change of +2 outbreaks) and 171 COVID-19 outbreaks in hospitals (a change of +2 outbreaks) reported to date in Ontario.

Test per cent positivity:

Percent Positivity: 4.6% (+0.9%)

The total per cent positivity means that 4.6% of tests that were performed for COVID-19 were positive for COVID-19 on Nov. 29.

This was a change of +0.9% from the previous day.
Number of tests completed: 39,406
The number of tests performed for COVID-19 on November 29, 2020 was 39,406. This was a change of -14,553 tests from the previous day.

The three-day cummlative COVID count announced today since this past Friday on the last day of November.

Three Muskoka residents from Bracebridge, Huntsville and Muskoka Lakes Township topped the highlighted list of confirmed cases Nov. 30.

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