Thank you for being so supportive to our family.

This has been and continues to be at times almost unbearable, but having wonderful friends like you helps us carry on.

Adanna, Thea, Chase, GMA Betty and myself are so appreciative for your cards, texts, emails, calls, visits, gifts, delivered meals and love.

We want all of our friends and friends of Audrey van Petegem, some of whom we have not met, to also be part of a memorial for Audrey, however COVID-19 will keep us from being physically together at this time.

This Saturday, October 17, we have planned a family only memorial for Audrey.

We would like you to be with us in spirit.

We invite you on Saturday Oct. 17, at exactly 11:45 a.m. (Eastern Time) from wherever on the planet you are, to say a few words to Audrey.

Just after that time, log on to

And click on the post to listen to a beautiful song dedicated to Audrey to conclude our memorial.

In addition to the family memorial, for a public tribute to Audrey’s exuberant vitality and loving personality we have made plans for a Celebration to Audrey for June 12, 2021. Please save the date to join our Family at the Muskoka Foundry in Bracebridge as we hope you can physically join us at that time.

Love you all.

Scott Harkness

Audrey van Petegem, 58, was an active and busy community promoter, business mentor and social influencer. She died Sept. 15 of a heart attack. Her family plans a virtual memorial Saturday, Oct. 17 at 11:45 a.m.