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BRACEBRIDGE — Neil Hutchinson caused quite a storm downtown here today.

You might say it was a ‘Typhoon Kiss’ aimed at a certain person on NBC tonight.

The environmental consultant was surprised to look out his office window this morning, overlooking Manitoba Street, and see not the usual Canadian flag hanging over the main street, but the Stars and Stripes.

Hallmark is transforming the Heart of Muskoka into Main Street U.S.A. for movie called ‘Typhoon Kiss.’

So, in keeping with spirit, Hutchinson whipped up a campaign poster off the internet for Joe Biden, the American veep who looks set to trump the U.S. president in a landslide Nov. 3.

He said the street is slowly being decked out for the movie shoot this week.

The puckered-up punch provided a lot of laughs online this afternoon from Facebook friends for the owner of Hutchinson Environmental Sciences Ltd.

He told that he was afraid to answer the phone lest it be the film-makers asking him to take down the sign.

Or a member of the committee to re-elect Donald Trump asking for equal space in another window.

If so, he laughed that he had an outhouse window they could use.

Meanwhile, he says he will be glad to be practising his guitar tonight rather than watching the rescheduled duelling presidential TV “debates.”

Neil Hutchinson had some fun posting a Joe Biden sign in his office window next to the Stars and Stripes today in downtown Bracebridge. (Neil Hutchinson photos)
Manitoba Street is being turned into Main Street U.S.A. this week for a Hallmark movie called ‘Typhoon Kiss.’



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