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MUSKOKA — As the week ends with little easing or end in sight for COVID-19, local numbers remain on par with past recent days.

Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit reports 14 new cases Friday, Oct. 16.

That brings this week’s total to 93 cases, down from 110 last week.

One was a Muskoka Lakes male, aged 18-34, in an educational setting OOJ.

OOJ means it is a case that is tied to an educational setting outbreak, which is “out of our jurisdiction.”

So a setting that is not in Simcoe Muskoka, SMMDH communication officials Kathy McDermott and Leslie Gordon confirmed in emails to this afternoon.

The other unlucky 13 were in Simcoe, with eight of them women.

Ontario’s numbers were down to 712 — a decrease of 783 and 721 the past two days.

Quebec climbed back into four figures with 1,055 cases.

Premier Doug Ford laid down the law in York County, imposing more sanctions on bars, indoor dining, gyms and movie theatres to prevent the threat to LTCs.

He dubbed 62 cases there as an “alarming level.”

In other hot spots, there are 213 new cases in Toronto, 135 in Peel and 108 in Ottawa.

Most of the province’s health units reported less than 25 cases today.

Friday, Oct. 16, COVID case count for Simcoe and Muskoka.
COVID remains an uphill battle 10 months into the pandemic with no end in sight.



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