MUSKOKA — Two new wildfires  — one large and one small — were reported in the region today by Ontario’s Aviation, Forest Fire and Emergency Services (AFFES).

The smaller one is in Algonquin Park and both are not under control.

Isabelle Chenard, information officer for the Northeast Region, said on Sunday, June 21, that they were discovered in the Northeast region by mid-afternoon.

  • Peterborough #1 is 18.7 hectares and not under control at this time.

The fire is located east of Mellon Lake.

  • Algonquin Park #2 is 0.3 of a hectare and not under control at this time.

That fire is located along Burnt Island Lake.

This after major fires around Parry Sound and Kilarney the summer of 2018.

Meanwhile today, AFFES also reports — in its daily news bulletin — that there are six other active fires in the region:

  • Sudbury 22 is 1.7 hectares and under control. The fire is located along the French River.
  • Sudbury 21 is 2 hectares and under control. This fire is located along Lake Panache.
  • Wawa 4 is being held at 7.4 hectares and is located east of Dreany Lake.
  • Kirkland Lake 1, located approximately 2 kilometres north of Belle Vallée, is being observed at 15.8 hectares.
  • Cochrane 2 is 1 hectare and being held. The fire is located south of Chabbie Lake.
  • Bancroft 8 is under control at 0.8 of a hectare. The fire is located within Petroglyphs Provincial Park.

The fire hazard ranges from low to extreme.

The areas showing the highest hazard are situated in the central and southern portions of the region.

To see the fire hazard ear you, consult the interactive fire map. See link here.

Follow Ontario’s Outdoor Burning Regulations

AFFES would like to remind the public to use caution when performing any outdoor burning.

In order to dispose of yard waste and woody debris, they encourage people to use methods such as composting or using your local landfill.

And if you must burn, follow Ontario’s outdoor burning regulations:

  • Fires are to be ignited no sooner than 2 hours before sunset and extinguished no later than 2 hours after sunrise.
  • Always have tools/water adequate to contain the fire at the site.
  • Know the rules for safe outdoor burning.

To consult the full set of outdoor burning regulations under Ontario’s Forest Fire Prevention Act, visit our website at ontario.ca/page/outdoor-fire-rules-and-permits.


For updates on the fire situation, visit ontario.ca/forestfire or follow them on Twitter @ONforestfires.

On June 21 the AFFES reported two new fires, a large one in Peterborough east of Mellon Lake and much smaller one in Algonquin Park, at Burnt Island Lake.