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MUSKOKA — If you’re coming out of COVID-19 looking for a job or a change of career today is the day for you — and employers.

A Muskoka-wide Virtual Job Fair this afternoon from 1:30 to 3 p.m. — Monday June 22 — will hook up jobseekers and dozens of businesses looking for workers, says Norah Fountain who is hosting and moderating the online event that lets you attend virtually from your home.

“There’s a real buzz about it,” she said on the weekend.

It’s free and lets you hear directly from employers and employment agencies about why working in Muskoka can be so rewarding, says Fountain, who adds more than 1,500 have expressed interest with impressions on social media the past two weeks.

We’re open for business and if you need a job — we need workers.

That’s the theme as Muskoka businesses enter Stage 2 of the pandemic recovery.

Go to this morning to receive an email return invite.

Then they just click on the Zoom link sent to them, and they’ll be able to see and hear about jobs all across the region. They can submit resumes on the spot to the employment agencies or to employers directly.

Fountain said about 150 have already signed up.

She said there will be nine speakers representing businesses looking for workers and three employment agencies — Agilec in Bracebridge, Employment North in Gravenhurst and the YMCA Employment Services in Huntsville — that will talk about jobs they have postings for immediately.

Fountain, executive director of the Muskoka Lakes Chamber of Commerce, says as more businesses re-open and the high summer season is here, jobs are plentiful in Muskoka.

She, too, will share her list of job opportunities available through her Muskoka Lakes Chamber of Commerce office along with those from the Bracebridge Chamber of Commerce.

Fountain said a lot of businesses are already open — notably food service providers who have been able work through the coronavirus with takeout meals.

But many can’t open — or be at full service — because they don’t have enough staff.

That’s where this afternoon’s event comes in.

“There are many jobs that people don’t realize are out there,” said Fountain.

After last year’s flooding cut operations for many, a lot businesses are still hurting.

And this winter only one of two Muskoka job fairs took place before COVID-19 and a second one had to be cancelled.

So this virtual job fair is the next best thing.

Luckily a number of new and expanded patio eating areas are opening and doing relatively brisk business, including a new “beer spa” in Torrance at the Clear Lake Brewery.

Fountain said as well, Canada Summer Job grants have been announced in the past few weeks and there still may be more of those announcements coming.

“Students are eager to get to work: they just need to know what’s out there.

Featured employers include Deerhurst Resort, Duraline, The JW Marriott The Rosseau Muskoka Resort and Spa, Walmart (Bracebridge and Huntsville), Rocky Crest Golf Club, The Lake Joseph Club, Sherwood Inn, Boyd Cleaning Services and Fowler Construction.

As well as on Zoom, the event will be shared on Facebook Live on the Muskoka Lakes Chamber’s Facebook page.

And it will be available to other chambers of commerce to stream.

Log on Monday, June 22, from 1:30-3:30 p.m. for dozens of job opportunities.

For more information, contact Fountain at 705-706-2122



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