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PARRY SOUND- MUSKOKA — If the one per centers control the world, it’s one per cent of Canadians who will decide Canada’s future in two weeks. The federal election is that close.

And they’ll get that chance to decide tonight.

So, as national party leaders square off — at 7 p.m. ET on multiple media platforms — voters can witness in short which of them best reflects who we are, what we stand for and what we can be.

The much anticipated event pits contrasting visions and personalities for a country that is a global leader and a divided nation.

Who will solve the climate crisis, while still greasing the practical wheels of the economy?

Which man or woman cares more about our children, the disenfranchised, drivers of the bus — and those who aren’t greedy.

Tune in to see for yourself.

The advance polls begin Thanksgiving weekend, so the pressure is on you.

It’s a privilege to vote, be informed and don’t waste this opportunity to engage in a chance to do your part for your country.

Canadians are united on most issues the define us, but yet we still remain divided on others, as this vandalized election sign shows.
Muskoka singer Bet Smith is practising what she preaches by lowering her carbon output.

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