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GRAVENHURST — It’s called a “food drive,” because Rotarians and their partners will be driving around town Tuesday, Oct. 8, with student runners picking up bags of food on doorsteps and at the end of driveways.

(They will also accept cash and cheques.)

Everyone in the core part of Gravenhurst should have received a door knocker reminder left at their home, as a reminder.

But it’s really a “drive” to stock the Salvation Army shelves, days before Thanksgiving and Muskoka’s offseason.

“So no one goes hungry ….”

So, go out today and tomorrow and pick up extra food of all kinds — fresh and non-perishable. Cans for kids, apples for adults. Whatever.

Or reach into your cupboards and pantries to donate anything appropriate.

Give gerously, you never know these days when you or a family member, a neighbour, friend or someone you know may be able to use the free food service.

Volunteers will be gathering at the Royal Canadian Legion at 5 p.m., with Rotarians and Lions Club members at 5 p.m. to fan out.

Watch out your windows after 6 p.m. for vehicles slowing down and students running door-to-door picking up the bags for the Rotary volunteer drivers.

If you don’t see them, you can drop off donations at the Salvation Army on Muskoka Road north in Gravenhurst.

They also, always, welcome donations at any time of the year.

Rotary door knockers were hung on home knobs late last week reminding homeowners to fill a bag or two with food and leave it on their doorstep or at the end of your driveway Tuesday night, Oct. 8.

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