Letter to Editor:

So it’s been a real hot summer, with lots of people driving around their dogs in hot cars.

For the sake of the dog, cut the umbilical cord on a hot or cold day and tell the dog you have to go out and for them to please mind the fort while mom or dad is away grocery shopping.

There are other forms of what I call animal abuse, such as some people I know who have a dog and will not play with it. It is basically a trophy dog like some people have a trophy husband or trophy wife.

The wife goes swimming, but leaves the dog tied up to the Muskoka chair. God forbid if the dog bolts and the chair goes tumbling into the lake, dog and all.

These same people let the dog out to do its business and do not go with it, nor do they pick up the dog dirt left on various people’s properties.

It is not enough to feed and house your dog. It is like a child. You have to teach it things. To be a good dog or human parent you have to enjoy your pet or child and treasure the time you spend with it.

Pets need play time and exercise and interaction with humans.

Over the years I have seen people tie up their dogs to their ATV and drive  with the dogs following attached on leash. What if the pets get something imbedded in their paws as they are racing down the road trying to keep up with the ATV, while the master just keeps driving and looking ahead?

Some animal owners just don’t think what consequences can come of their actions.

Another fellow I know leaves his dog chained to the clothesline. No food or water on a hot day. This dog has had an ear infection for three years. The cat on site has a malformed paw.

He told me a couple of years ago he did not feed the cat, but let it forage on chipmunks.  The man would take the chipmunk tails and nail them to his door frame. On last count I counted 12 tails nailed to the doorframe.

Again, if you do not provide medical attention or necessities of life you should not own a pet.

Do they not ask potential pet owners basic questions before a pet is allowed to be adopted? How much time do you intend to spend with your pet? Can you afford to feed it? There should be better screening of potential pet owners.

Carol Pershyn


Let dogs be dogs. Treat them with kindness and respect, writes Carol Pershyn.