GRAVENHURST — In a turn on the old line about “work for food,” Samuel Wood “Will Swim for Food.”

The 14 year old competitive swimmer and Muldrew Lake cottager is part of the ‘Will Swim for Food’ campaign that is raising money and food for the Orangeville Food Bank.

The last six summers he has been at the family cottage and has decided to participate by fundraising for a Muskoka food bank.

As a team of 12, each swimmer will complete 5 km every day for a week between Aug. 18 to 24. Samuel will swim most of his daily distances in Muldrew Lake.

Samuel Wood checks out Muldrew Lake, where he will swim five kilometres a day Aug. 18-24 for a local food bank as part of the ‘Will Swim for Food’ campaign in Orangeville.

“I’m very excited to be a part of the Will Swim For Food campaign this summer and help out the Food Bank in my home town. I’m lucky to get to spend a lot of my summer up in Gravenhurst. Since this community gives me so much enjoyment I want to give back and support the Manna Food Bank. I’ll be doing most of my 5 km daily swims in Gravenhurst and I hope my cottage neighbours will join me in supporting our local Food Bank” said Samuel. The Manna Food Bank helps clients from Bracebridge, Gravenhurst and surrounding areas.

All food and cash donations made to Samuel from his northern location will be donated to the Manna Food Bank that supports Gravenhurst.

Last summer, Samuel’s teammate Ryan Hann, began the Will Swim for Food campaign by swimming 35 km in one week and raised $4,005 and 300 lbs of food for the Orangeville Food Bank. Many teammates swam with Ryan during his swim week so the campaign expanded to 12 team members for 2019. Samuel was one of the first teammates to show his support and eagerly jumped on board. The whole team has been working hard all summer selling chocolate bars, doing bottle drives and cutting grass to raise money as well as collecting food.

The original goal for this year was $5,000 and 500 pounds of food, however, the team has already passed that goal and is working towards $10,000 and 1,000 lbs of food.

If you would like to make a donation to Samuel’s Northern Will Swim for Food initiative, email For more information about the Will Swim for Food campaign visit To make a donation directly to the Manna Food Bank visit


Will Swim for Food began in 2018 wheN Ryan Hann swam 35 km in one week raising $4005 and 300 lbs of food for the Orangeville Food Bank. To date, through the swim campaign and the Coldest Night of the Year, has helped raise over $5M000. Ryan is hoping to double that amount this summer with another swim week August 18th – 24th.

See more about the swims at:
Facebook: @WillSwimForFoodRyanHann

Twitter: @RyanHann9

Instagram: WillSwimForFoodRyanHann


The Orangeville swim team includes: Noah Halkett, Madyson Hartway, Alexander Bowen, Samual Wood, Ryan Hann, Nicholas Barnes, Emily Smyth, Rylee Fudge, Clare Bowen, Linnea Cashmore, Sebastian Winegar-Tontegode and Samuel Pipher-Swyer.