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PARRY SOUND-MUSKOKA — Local Liberals aren’t waiting for the writ to drop on October’s federal election, which is guaranteed to be as competitive as any in more than a decade.

Candidate Trisha Cowie is “very much in full election mode,” and has already been out knocking on doors and working the phones, “connecting with the residents of Parry Sound-Muskoka.”

With less than 60 days to go before Election Day, she says in a release this week, she is “reminding them of the positive strides the government has made throughout the past four years.”

Sunday night, the Liberal Party launched its official national campaign with the slogan/theme, “Choose Forward.”

Along with, she says in the release, “an aggressive new ad campaign.”

She says: “With support building every day, we want to start the campaign off right and would like to invite you to join us for our official campaign launch and office opening.”

And “kick Trisha’s 2019 campaign off,” Thursday, September 5 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at 368 Manitoba St in Bracebridge.

“Now, more than ever, the contrast between our vision and the Conservatives is clear,” she says. “We can choose to move forward with progress and building a strong middle class. Or, go down the path of Doug Ford and the massive cuts Andrew Scheer is all too likely to make.

“We simply cannot afford to double down on the Doug Ford experiment with Andrew Scheer.”

Cowie says she is the strong, positive voice that Parry Sound-Muskoka deserves representing them in Ottawa.

“A community advocate, lawyer and small business owner, Trisha understands the needs of local communities and will fight day in and out to ensure Parry Sound-Muskoka get’s its fair share,” the release says.

Cowie is running against Conservative candidate Scott Aitchson, the mayor of Huntsville, and the Green Party’s star Gord Miller, Ontario’s former Environmental Commissioner, the NDP’s Tom Young, and Michele Smith of the People’s Party of Canda.

The election is scheduled for Oct. 21.

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The campaign kickoff for Trisha Cowie is Thursday, Sept. 5 in Bracebridge.