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MUSKOKA — I sent the following letter to MPP Graydon Smith and Premier Doug Ford to repeat the serious concern’s that I’ve heard from Muskokans recently.

Hi Graydon (Doug):

There are so many things being put forward by your government that are wrong that is difficult to know where to begin.

Bill 23 contains many wrong-headed ideas including: taking away our democratic rights to notice, public meetings and the right to appeal planning decisions.

It neuters Conservation Authorities and municipal governments.

And you are opening up thousands of acres of our protected land to urban sprawl; pushing ­­quarries (including below water quarries), and mines in the north ahead with no thought for wetlands, permafrost or people including the First Nations.

And then if we get to grow old you do not support us to stay in our own communities.

No, your government has taken away our right to remain where we worked and made this province great. If not for us where would you be?

No respect.

You have made yourselves gods over our destiny.

You must be glad that MAID exists and hope that many of us will decide to die before needing care.

The Greenbelt could be a ring of fire surrounding Ontario Conservatives as opposition to its new housing Bill 23 grows. Lois Cooper calls it “wrong-headed.”

Your government is very quick at disguising your motives. For instance taking away some of the gas tax and pandering to the low income earners claiming you are helping them, when in reality it is the companies with multiple vehicles that will reap the benefit.

Just like free license sticker renewals. It is the people with multiple vehicles that get the big bonus.

Well, you know this since your family made its living from a gas station and garage in Port Sydney and a tire shop in Bracebridge now.

In two moves you gave away billions of dollars. Yes billions.

You could have chosen to put that money into home care and publicly-owned seniors’ homes.

Publicly-owned care homes are the best. Like The Pines in Brace bridge.

But you did not.

Democracies are messy; autocracies are not.

But we did not elect you and Doug Ford to take away our rights and make us little more than serfs.

Actually only 18 per cent of the eligible voters elected you. You do not have a mandate from the majority of people in Ontario.

Too bad we don’t have the right to recall our politicians.

I think greed is the god of your government.

Regards, Lois Cooper

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