GRAVENHURST — A middle-aged man is in custody today facing weapons charges after showing a handgun at the McDonalds this morning.

He was peacefully arrested at a nearby residence on James Street after surrendering to police, who say there was no other public safety issue.

Sergeant Steve Mihills, of the OPP detachment at Bracebridge, tells MuskokaTODAY.com this afternoon it all “ended peacefully.”

He said the man was seen “brandishing” the gun in McDonald’s and police were called, tracing him to the James Street home across from the ballpark.

Police blocked off the road between Fernwood Drive and North Muldrew Lake Road to make the arrest.

They were assisted by one of their emergency response team (ERT) members as part of a large precautionary police presence including eight police cars, said Mihills.

A paramedic ambulance stood by at the Musquash intersection, just outside its Gravenhurst station, but wasn’t required.

Mihills said there were no injuries.

The road was opened to traffic at 11:50 a.m.

The arresting officers were assisted by a member of the OPP’s emergency response team as a matter of caution.
Police traced the gun call suspect to a residence on James Street west, where the suspect surrendered peacefully to officers.