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ORILLIAOne of the region’s largest manufacturing facilities — where several people from Muskoka are employed — is reporting a case of COVID.

A worker at Kubota Materials tested positive the past few days and the company says in an internal memo, obtained by Orillia Matters, that the employee contracted the coronavirus outside the workplace.

And the Japanese heavy equipment manufacturer — located on Hwy. 11 at West Street — is doing a disinfection this weekend at the factory here that makes industrial piping.

It employs 250 people and workers have been told to self-isolate if they have come in contact with the infected individual.

Kubota is also conducting its own contact tracing as well as the health unit.

Kubota says it is disinfecting its Orillia factory on Hwy. 11 at West Street after a worker tested positive for COVID-19.

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