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MUSKOKA — Is this a blip or a harbinger of hope?

Simcoe and Muskoka reported today their lowest one-day COVID count in weeks.

Eight cases — all in Simcoe — were posted by the health unit Thursday, Oct. 22.

None were in Muskoka.

Eight were women and two men.

An Oro-Medonte woman was under age 18.

But don’t hold your breath in that mask.

Today’s numbers are in between Thanksgiving and Halloween, so they could change.

The local numbers buck provincial numbers that went back up to 841 cases.

There were 1,033 in Quebec — 54 of them from a pork processing plant.

And Alberta had its highest daily total at 406 on Wednesday.


Meanwhile, in addendum notes to their daily stats, the Simcoe Muskoka health unit now says “after closer review of the address data” that on Oct. 15 that three cases previously assigned to Bracebridge have been re-assigned to Muskoka Lakes; and one case previously assigned to Severn was re-assigned to Georgian Bay; and another case previously assigned to Huntsville was re-assigned to Lake of Bays.

And on Oct 22 one case previously assigned to Severn was re-assigned to Georgian Bay.

The health unit reported 8 cases today, one of the lowest number in weeks, Wednesday Oct. 22.
Outdoor gatherings like this like this small wedding at the Muskoka Wharf recently have been the norm in the second wave. Unlike in Alberta earlier this month where 49 of 63 attendees tested positive for COVID-19.
The bride wore white and the family and photographers all wore masks while social distancing to snap keepsake photos of the wedding party.



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