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MUSKOKA — We now know the answer to yesterday’s COVID question.


That’s the new number of people with the coronavirus Friday after small hope a day ago.

It’s increase of 8 from Thursday — and again all in Simcoe.

There was nobody in Muskoka who tested positive, says the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit in their daily wrap.

Today’s Oct. 23 list covers a wide geography.

Notably is a male — age 18-34 — at the bottom of the list (below) from Wasaga Beach who had close contact with someone contagious, says the health unit.

Could he be associated with a recent car rally at the Beach, which had police shut down roads to the town without any OPP reports of gathering charges.

Meanwhile, countrywide: Ontario experienced a jump again to 826; and has received the first round of

Quebec fell to 905 after days and days of more than 1,000.

Also in Quebec a supplier there has signed a deal with Ottawa for 76 million doses of a promising vaccines, adding to deals Ottawa has already made with other vaccine makers for similar vacines.

Also nationally, the federal government is gearing up to provide rapid testing.

Masks appear to be making a big difference in Muskoka, with a second straight day of nobody down with COVID, show numbers from the health unit Friday.
Numbers were back up today by 14 from 8 on Thursday in Simcoe, says the local Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit.



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