HUNTSVILLE A tri-level government project that will see the town get another new transit bus and one to help wheelchair passengers commute is part of a $413,000 Ridership Growth Plan for Huntsville.

MPP Norman Miller said Friday that Ontario is investing more than $122,000 in the plan by nominating it under the Public Transit stream of the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP).

The project has now been approved by all levels of government for final funding under the ICIP program.

The funding will go towards the procurement of one conventional bus and replacement of one para-transit bus to allow for the redesign and expansion of Huntsville’s public transit.

“A better transit system will make life easier for so many residents of Huntsville,” said Miller.

“Transit is not just a city issue. The expansion of Huntsville’s transit system will help people to get to work, get to medical appointments and do so many other errands without a car so I would like to thank the federal government for partnering on this project.”

The Town of Huntsville will invest $143,512, the province $122,488 and Ottawa $147,000.

“This money dedicated to transit will help Huntsville over the next few years by increasing the number of buses that are servicing our community,” added Huntsville Mayor Karin Terziano in the joint release. “This will help enhance the transit service available, including the para-transit services.

“Transit services are essential for residents that need a sustainable method of transportation, do not have access to a vehicle or who experience loss of mobility.  This funding ensures that we are able to expand our community transit system for many years to come.”

A Ridership Transit Plan will see two new buses added in town, including a para-transit vehicle.