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GRAVENHURST — A waterfront stroll can be a salubrious experience.

A boardwalk promenade invites opportunities for reflection that can cause catharsis.

The Muskoka Wharf affords that deepness, thanks to the inspired words and elementary wisdom out of the mouths of babes.

Or more precisely their finger paints.

The Muskoka Discovery Centre’s museum day campers (MDC) began a feel-good trend that caught on, capturing imaginations and inspiring other artists and DIYs to express their emotions for a rapidly changing world.

Messages of “Hope” began appearing along the Muskoka Lake shoreline this summer as COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter peaks.

Plain words painted on rocks that pack a punch?

But don’t take these rocks for granite.

Each is a rock of ages.

The messages positively inspiring.

Colourful communications each board-length along the kilometre trail.

Among them: “Hope.” “You Are My Sunshine.” “Stay Home.” “Stay Safe.” “Faith.” “We Stand Together.” “Look on the Bright Side.”

And “Breathe.”

Say no more.

When downtrodden or your head on heels you stumble upon them as they catch the corner of your — forcing you to look down — you can’t help but lift your chin with a smile stretching your lips.

Mere pleasures that mean so much.

Pithy as they are, they’re relevant, telling and purposeful prose.

Making each step along life’s crazy path just a little bit more hopeful.

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