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GRAVENHURST — Local Rotarians are offering help to those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic with more than $20,000 for GAP and for others sheltering-at-home who need groceries or help with errands.

In a release Thursday, the club said it is “concerned about the impact of COVID-19 on our community.”

“Every one of us has been affected by the virus. However, life is more difficult for some residents of our town than for others. For those who find themselves challenged to put food on the table, it’s especially hard.”

They announced two initiatives:

First is fund set up through Gravenhurst Caretagion 2020, a small new group of volunteers created to run errands for people who are self-isolating or in quarantine.

If you need help picking up groceries or prescriptions, or you have other urgent delivery needs, call (705) 710-4542.

Through its partnership with Rotary, Caretagion volunteers will ensure that you can get what you need.

The second is a donation to Gravenhurst Against Poverty (GAP) of gift cards for local grocery stores.

GAP is a collaborative community-based organization that supports people in difficulty by identifying issues and resources and providing timely solutions.

The community recently raised more than $51,000 for them with the Coldest Night of the Year Walk.

GAP runs free weekly food programs, including food giveaways, a Tuesday lunch and Thursday Supper Club at the United Church.

They are both still operating on a take-out basis.

Grocery cards are now available at the Supper Club (starting April 2) between 4 and 5:30  p.m.

If you need financial support to feed your family and you can’t get to the church, email

People who are already on GAP’s delivery list began getting cards with this week’s hot meal and grocery delivery.

Rotary is making every effort to have gift cards available for as long as the pandemic requires.

They have committed $20,000 and are working with other service clubs, the District of Muskoka and the Town of Gravenhurst to develop a coordinated, longer-term response to this emergency.

If you expect that you’ll need longer-term support as the result of the coronavirus, you can contact Samantha Hastings at the District of Muskoka at (705) 645-2412, or by email at

The Rotary Club of Gravenhurst says it believes “no one in our town should go hungry – ever, but especially at a time like this.”

If you’re able to support them in this relief effort, please donate:

  • By Etransfer: (the answer to the security question is “rotary.”
  • Or you can send a cheque by Canada Post mail to Rotary Club of Gravenhurst P.O. Box 888, Gravenhurst ON P1P1V2
  • To receive a charitable receipt, please provide your full name, email, address, and telephone number.
The Gravenhurst Rotary Club is donating $20,000 in gift cards to GAP and helping Caretagion 2020 deliver groceries to those self-isolating.

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