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MUSKOKA —  In a bid to protect waste collectors and handlers, major changes to  Muskoka’s blue box and green bins are now in place that affect all residents.

Effective immediately all garbage, recycling, and green bin organic material must be bagged, sealed and placed securely inside bins — do not put loose materials out for collection.

It is meant to prevent the spread of germs after handling garbage

However, the District of Muskoka is not moving to weekly collection.

The district, which contracts the collection and management, also asks residents to keep their distance from workers doing the pickups.

Municipal officials say: “To help protect the health and wellbeing of our staff and the public, we are asking residents to implement increased protective measures for waste collection during this time.”

Curbside Collection

The following remains the same:

All curbside bi-weekly garbage limits remain in effect (black bags)

Green bin material must be put in compostable bags (compostable bags)

continue to sort recycling (clear/transparent bags – so contents are visible)

Waste Management Facilities

Ridout (Dorset) Transfer Station is temporarily closed.

Other transfer stations are currently open during regular hours, accepting debit and credit payment methods only.

Reuse buildings are temporarily closed at all locations to help minimize the spread of COVID-19.

Residents may experience longer delays at sites due to restrictions on the number of people permitted in certain areas to ensure physical distancing.

If you have curbside collection and your visit to a waste facility can wait, they recommend postponing your trip.

The Bracebridge Household Hazardous Waste Drop-off Facility is temporarily closed. Residents are encouraged to hold their household hazardous waste and not put it into their garbage or dump materials at closed facilities.

Residents who use an unstaffed bin dumpster site are asked to visit for updates.

Stay updated

This is a developing situation and communities should be prepared for additional site closures and program impacts.

Prior to visiting district waste facilities, residents are encouraged to visit for updated information; or visit for the most current information.

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