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OTTAWANew MP Scott Aitchison got down to business in his maiden speech in Parliament Friday with “a simple message.”

And he equated himself well as the new representative in a strong, firm, businesslike voice.

Distaining from the opportunity to blush or boast about winning, the Conservative member spoke directly to his constituents and fellow MPs, saying, “Mr. Speaker, it is honour and a privilege to speak in the House of Commons on the first day of 43rd Parliament.”

He said “to the people of Parry Sound-Muskoka and all Canadians, I have a simple message.

“It’s time for all of us to start working together….”

He said the country has come out of a “bitter campaign” and is “divided.”

“In this minority Parliament, I hope we will turn down the rhetoric, turn up the positivity and take up the good work of nation building.”

In his brief minute and 10 seconds of remarks, Aitchison called for “things like finding common ground to bridge the growing urban and rural divide in this country, a serious commitment to infrastructure and housing in all communities big and small. And common sense solutions to the very real challenge of climate change.

“For my part, that is the kind of change I sought office to bring about.

“Regardless of the challenge, we need to get all levels of government together, along the private sector, working together.

“Our job, today and tomorrow, is to ensure that we live up to those goals.”

Scott is travelling back to the Riding this afternoon. So notwithstanding spotty cell coverage, he could be available if you need any comment.

His remarks, which were part of what’s called “a Member’s Statement,” took place just before Question Period.

And he said he was “thrilled to speak about matters important to Parry Sound-Muskoka,” said Bill King, his chief of staff in an email release, with the accompanying video clip.

Aitchison, who is back in the riding this weekend, plans to announce this coming week the locations and timelines of new constituency offices.

There will be one in Huntsville and a second in Parry Sound, said King, who added that Aitchison will also be travelling to other communities for meetings when appropriate.

Said King: “We’re just finalizing the leases, which — as you might expect — has been a bit of a bureaucratic process. But it’s worth the wait, because it’s important to get everything in place to ensure transparency & accountability to taxpayers.

He said “please bear with us as we are still just getting our Ottawa office up and running as well. It’s been a frantic two weeks, but we’re almost there.”

See a video clip of Aitchison’s remarks below.

Parry Sound-Muskoka MP Scott Aitchison called for a toning down of rhetoric and meeting the challenge of climate change in his first Member’s Statetment in the Hous of Commons Friday, his first speech in Parliament.

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