QUEEN’S PARK — Remembrances have begun early for Muskoka.

Friday, in the Ontario Legislature, MPP Norm Miller congratulated MacTier on its new cenotaph and he highlighted Patrick Boyer’s new book about the First World War.

Miller also encouraged all Ontarians to take part in Remembrance Day next Monday, Nov. 11.

Miller: “I rise today as we approach Remembrance Day to speak about two local initiatives designed to help ensure we never forget the sacrifices of our veterans.

“This past weekend, the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 507 in MacTier unveiled their new cenotaph. The new structure replaces an aging and crumbling cenotaph which had been in place for decades. Over the past year, this small community raised more than $30,000 to design and build this new memorial.

“The new cenotaph includes a plaque listing the names of all the local men and women who served in the First and Second World Wars. I want to congratulate Legion Branch 507 president Bruce Henn, members of the Legion and the community of MacTier on having this new cenotaph ready for Remembrance Day.

“In another effort to ensure we remember those who fought for our freedoms, local historian Patrick Boyer has published a new book entitled “Muskokans Fight the Great War: Striking Back for the Empire, 1914-1918.”

“I hope to attend one of his readings over the next few weeks, and I look forward to reading his book.

“I encourage everyone to do more than wear a poppy at this time of year. Take some time to attend a Remembrance Day service, stop at a cenotaph or learn more about Canada’s military history. Our veterans did their duty to protect our country; it is our duty to remember.

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The Mactier Royal Canadian Legion unveiled a new cenotaph in memory of local veterans who served. (Chuck Simpson photos)
The new Mactier monument moved many to near tears.
Photo-ops were the orders of the day after the large celebration last weekend.