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BRACEBRIDGE — The heart of Tory town was a sea of red Thursday night as more than 100 Liberals lined up to crowd the campaign office of candidate Trisha Cowie.

It was as og a dagger had been thrust into Bracebridge and it was bleeding red.

The race for Parry Sound-Muskoka’s next MP is expected to be called in about a week’s time.

Former MP Andy Mitchell returned from Selwyn Township, where he is mayor, and gave a speech that one person in the crowd describe as showng “he still has it.”

He remembered being in a comparative situation to Cowie his first time, running against another former Huntsville Conservative mayor Terry Clarke.

He said it had also been decades since a Liberal last held the seat from 1949-57, before he won in 1993.

And they didn’t think he’d win, either.

Now, he said, it’s a similar situation that he thinks will repeat itself.

Cowie was loudly greeted as she took the stage to outline four main planks his Liberal platform, speaking more confidently and passionately in her second time seeking to be member of Parliament.

In no particular order: the evirnonment, reconciliation, small business and holding her accountable.

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  • Former MP Andy Mitchell said Trisha Cowie can win as he recalled being in similar situation when he became Muskoka-Parry Sound’s last Liberal MP.
It was a sea of Liberal red as supporters filled the room and picked up election signs for the coming campaign.
More than 100 Liberals crowed into the Manitoba Street north Liberal campaign office last night to hear Trisha Cowie as she kicked off her campaign.