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BRACEBRIDGE — Signs, signs, everywhere elections signs — except in Bracebridge.

Party reports of signs in ditches and town works staff pulling them up are proving true in Bracebridge.

Greens and Liberals say their signs have been ditched days after the federal election was officially called.

Apparently everywhere but in Bracebridge can parties campaign along roadsides.

While it seems private signs on your property are safe.

On public roadways, the Town of Bracebridge has a clause in its sign bylaw that says you can’t put them up until a month before the election.

So, that means four more days, Sept. 21, before those Neon red, blue, orange and green signs of support can legally be seen by passing drivers in Bracebridge.

Greens and Liberals aren’t happy about the uneven playing fields.

In Gravenhurst, signs are up all over town, near intersections with no problem. Not so in Bracebridge.

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