GRAVENHURST — There’s no volunteering when the alarm goes.

Local firefighters go when called.

Now, there are nine new “volunteer firefighters” to answer 911 when cars crash and fires erupt.

The Gravenhurst Fire Department welcomed them after weeks of summer training.

Four other officers were promoted, and 11 firefighters received long service awards, including 20 years for proud trainer Tracy Jocque.

A large crowd of family, friends and fomer firefighters offered their support at the Terry Fox Auditorium at the Centennial Centre.

The nine recruits traded their yellow training helmets for the dark helmets that signify they are trained volunteer Gravenhurst firefighters. (Gravenhurst Fire Department photos)
Chief Larry Brassard addresses the recruits, their families and friends at the graduation ceremony this week.
A round of applause for the training grads from the new recruits.
Former chief Lorne McNeice, left, and former deputy chiefs George White and Dave Eidsness were among those welcoming the new recruits.
Twenty-year member Tracy Jocque was one of 11 to receive long-term service awards.