Mark Clairmont |

GRAVENHURST — Sidewalk sales are full of surprises.

You never know what you’re going to find — from the far out T-shirts to hand-made tea cosys.

The annual end of summer weekend sale Friday and Saturday had a bit of both and more here this weekend.

Vendors hawking two for $10 leather belts and half-price wraps.

Kids could play giant checkers that were half their size, or write their name in the street with fist-sized coloured chalk.

For entertainment, in addition to DJ Scotty Dunlop’s music and running commentary that announced hourly sales throughout the four blocks of Muskoka Road, there were several performers.

Cam Galloway, 16, isn’t shy, which makes him a great young entainer who will soon be going from busking in front of the Opera House to singing on its main stage. He’s a natural entertainer.

A fun find was the cast of Robin Hood (on at the Opera House Aug. 20-22) engaging in lively swordplay, doing lunges and parries.

Another surprise was a talented and friendly young local guitar player by the name of Cam Galloway.

Watch for him, he not only plays and sings well, but he’s one savvy 16-year-old going places in the crowded music market.

But he seems to have that little spark that sets the good ones apart, with his natural charm, professional presentation and skill.

Already in his brief career he’s gaining notoriety playing around town (including private engagements and the recent ribfest), marketing himself (with his own T-shirts and handing out business cards) and writing some original music.

Catch him on youtube or Intagram at camgallowaymusic.

I also learned the story behind why Ken Scwabb painted his new Elephant’s Trunk home bright green.

He said it doesn’t reflect his political views, or that it matched the grass in front of his new shop (as if you could see a blade it with all the stuff he has for sale out front) next to The Brick.

And there-in lies a clue to the reason for his choice of hue (fluorescent green, I think).

He said, when he moved upstreet from his old location, that people didn’t know where he was going to.

“I said ‘between the Brick and the old Gravenhurst Tapes.’

“They said ‘there’s nothing there.'”

Just an old blue brick law office set back off the road.

So why green and not, say, pink?

“It was on sale,” he said Saturday, as he lounged in a deep-seated leather couch watching threatening rain clouds to the south.

After he painted his new home and storefront (got it painted), he said he drove up Harvie Street from First Street.

And it’s the first thing he saw, and he knew he had chosen the perfect colour to make him stand out.

As if Ken Schwabb needs help in that department. He’s already a standout (and standup) merchant on the street.

You have to stand out in business to survive in a short season.

En garde! Sir. Or Madame. Those were the taunts heard aloud from the cast of Robin Hood as they regaled people in the street Saturday with a taste of their Aug. 20-22 play at the Opera House.
Check out this giant checker board. It’s large as lif. Make your move by walking one square at a time.
Ken Schwabb would stand out on any street, but you certainly can’t miss him or his new green home.