Mark Clairmont |

MUSKOKA LAKE Lake watchers will see a familiar but rarely seen sight on Lake Muskoka Saturday.

Dozens of sailboats in a friendly race.

On July 13, around noon, the 11th annual Chancery Regatta sets sail.

It’s a fun gathering of sailing enthusiasts who go out looking for great gusts of wind for enjoyable afternoon of yachting and socializing.

It is open to both savvy and just recreational sailors and is intended for promotion of sailing.

Sailboats of any types, classes and sizes are welcome to join.

The regatta race includes a sailboat show at Patterson Kaye Resort and the art show Coming About at Chancery Gallery in Bracebridge.

All sailboats meet at the South Bay of Muskoka Lake, circling around the Eleanor Island (coordinates: 44°59’0”N & 79°23’25”W).

No landing on the island, though – it is Canadian heritage, ecological pride, famous bird nesting sanctuary.

At noon, on the bell signal, the regatta starts and all boats race north toward the Summer Island.

The race is a non-competitive sail of 3.75 nautical miles (6 km) at your most pleasant pace, organizers say in release.

Under usual conditions the race will take about an hour from start to finish, depending on the wind.

The finish line is next to Summer Island.

Then it’s a slow motor-sail east to Patterson Kaye Resort – about 300 yards between the McVittie Island and main land for a social time and award presentations.

At Patterson Kaye, there will also be sailboat show.

Chancery Regatta is annual community event founded in 2009 by Lena Kolobow and Paul Ivanof of Chancery Art Gallery in Bracebridge, with intention to promote sailing as an aspect of “green philosophy.”

For more information or to join them go

Meanwhile, an art exhibition dedicated to sailing – Coming About – is now on display during July at Chancery Gallery in downtown Bracebridge.