GRAVENHURST — A new mayor, new council, a new start — same poor planning.

That’s the message dozens of kids, parents, grandparents and child care providers are sending the Town of Gravenhurst after it announced Monday that the popular splash pad at the Muskoka Wharf won’t open this summer due to a lack of “TLC” and the need for a reported $100,000 in repairs.

“Our Wharf Splash Pad will be taking time off this summer for some much needed TLC,” the town said in a release.

“Funds were set aside in this year’s Capital Budget to begin rehabilitation.

“We apologize for the inconvenience, and encourage you to enjoy one of our many beaches to cool off during those hot summer days!”

The splash pad is just 13 years old and has had repeated problems with water pressure problems and has been closed for various times during most summers.

The news sparked instant response to its posting, and follows similar complaints about unfixed pot holes around the town.

Here’s a samping of the more than 70 responses, that all opposed the “horrible news,” asking “Why did you not fix this in April….”

Sarah Elizabeth There will be lots of disappointed kiddos this year !

EL A Tomsun Why did you not fix this in April? Instead of now and having it closed all summer. Also, you suggest “enjoying one of our many beaches” yet you haven’t fixed the Muskoka Beach Park and it’s still “closed for flooding”. This is quite frustrating! #priorities

Carlee Brownlee Very disappointing. If our beaches weren’t so poorly maintained it may not be AS big of a let down.

Desarae Doolittle This will be such a disappointment for our kiddos, but not sure the decision makers even think about the ripple effects of their decisions in this town.  Farmers market days will be out for many with young without the option to cool them down. Schools use this space for end of year “trips” as it is low cost, provides cooling activities in the heat, day camps will need a new space as well and it ticks one more tally on the poor management of time ( you had fall and spring to repair). What a disappointment and Oh hey how is this unexpected repair bill being budgeted in the 2020 tax increase.

The Town of Gravenhurst snuck the announcement on its Facebook page Monday that it the splash pad will be closed for the summer for repairs, which many said should been done before that start of summer.

Holly Bristow This is very disappointing! I hope to see work being done on it and it not just sitting untouched. Last year we went after the farms market to cool off and we went with the EarlyOn program once a week. This really should be a priority being done ASAP.

Ashley Christine Couldn’t have done this last fall? Or early spring? Lots of upset kids this summer.. and now the kid zone won’t be able to use this facility for their excursions.. very disappointed 😔

Emily Anne Wow this is truly unfortunate. As a licensed daycare provider who can not legally set up a pool or take my daycare children to the beach we depend on the splashpad to cool down. This should have been planned better.

Janet Colquhoun Are these people stupid! Why not fix it in off season. No commen sense.

Duncan Ross Gravenhurst forever dissapointing its young families and citizens. No wonder no one wants to stay here.

Marylou Cochrane ridiculous! it was closed a good lot of last summer and now this summer too? maybe if it affected the tourists the town would plan better cause you’d never put them out like you do the locals.

Becca Pellett This is disappointing. The optics on this is just extremely poor planning on the ToG part.

Miranda Rebecca Starting in the beginning of June makes absolutely no sense….. also what about in August when we have all the swim advisories? Then our kids have no where to go cool off. Well done ToG capital planning.

Steve Doherty Unacceptable! It’s been closed since the end of last summer. Even the poorest planner could schedule rehabilitation more efficiently….also it’s not that old – why such extensive repair?!

Cris Tina Is there anything that can be done to make the splash pad useable for the 2019 summer and postpone the repairs until sept when the kids are back in school? There must be some sort of compromise available? I mean, surely the explicit disappointment and frustration was anticipated?

Brittany Fess 😡👎🏻 and you waited until June to start…could have been done earlier so people could still enjoy..poor planning ToG.

Rob Tulloch
 SHAME!!!!!!!!!Really! Really! Who in this town is accountable. Over and over the sheer mis-management can be seen in Gravenhurst. It can’t be a lack of tax money. Honestly when will we ever see a change. Senior leadership of this town needs to understand the correlation of tourism and how visitors may want to visit a splash pad. To fix a broken splash pad in summer and not be prepared is absolutely ridiculous. what a joke.

Brenda Fortney Horrible news.

The splash pad has become a popular attraction since it opened with the Muskoka Wharft in 2006. A cool, free space for toddlers and their caregivers to wile away a little time while at events or just an evening’s outing. Most towns now have splash pads and play parks.