Muskoka We the North fans must be masochists or they like parties.

We think the latter.

Why else would they put themselves through another night of ups and downs watching the Raptors?

Because this is sports at its best; great games, and a lot of fun to watch right to the last second.

Monday night’s missed opportunity was greeted with near mayhem, as fans at home and at the Muskoka Drive-In, Griffin Pub, River Mill Park and the Kee — to name just a few public round ball celebrations — moaned and groaned as the clock ticked down to midnight today.

You could almost hear the word “Arrr-gos!”

And, as optimists Canadians are, we woke up believing we have another chance Thursday — to “party on, Garth.”

And whether or not Kevin Durant comes back or not, the Raptors are now in the Finals for real.

Those first four games were great, but they were like four quarters and Game 5 was overtime.

Thursday will be double overtime.

Give credit to both teams last night. Golden State, facing elimination, bounced back with and much of the game held the same kind of lead the Raptors did the game before.

And just when you thought the Raptors would lose, they bounced back and actually had a chance to win the Larry O’Brien NBA championship at home and thrill all of Canada.

But they choked with under a minute to go, and missed a Joe Carter Blue Jays moment by not letting Kawhi Leonard sink another game-winning buzzer beater.

They have woken up the two-time defending NBA champs who are in their fifth straight Finals (three wins).

They don’t call them Warriors for nothing.

So, there’s a chance for another Muskoka manic moment.

It will show just how great thou Raptors are, or whether they’re mere Toronto the good.

This may be their last shot for a long time.

Look at the Leafs (1967) and Blue Jays (1993) who haven’t won in years.

If not, a Game 7 Sunday will see fans risking an apoplectic fit if it gets that far.

Meanwhile, on the party front, the Raptors’ success (or lack thereof, as the case may be last night) is translating into an economic and social boom for communities and businesses across Canada.

Celebrations have been put on hold, but the bubbly remains on ice.

And even though the weather forecast is calling for showers right through to Monday, it’s still game and party on for Game 6.

The Griffin Pub isn’t jumping off the bandwagon.

They’ve partnered with the Town of Bracebridge to move indoors to the arena.

It’s game on GR-ASSIC PARK-style at the Bracebride arena Thursday night, at 9 p.m., for Game 6 and amother Muskoka manic party.

“Here we go again, just missed the win for #Rapsin5, but are feeling good about Thursday night’s game and have secured the dry and larger Bracebridge Memorial Arena to have an even bigger and better experience!
Joining us again with the tastiest bevies are Muskoka Brewery, and new addition to the roster Lake of Bays Brewing Company with the finest Craft Beer, as well as Georgian Bay Spirit Co.SoCIAL LITE Vodka, and Banff Ice Vodka with there#Raptorscocktail!

Other game-watching venues are also planning parties.

Watch here for more details.