BRACEBRIDGE — Call it catch-as-catch-can.

And what goes down, must come up.

A debris catcher?

Or something like that.

This week, Bracebride public works staff were able to finally remove the snowmobile bride that crosses the Muskoka River near Kerr Park.

After a busy spring trying to tame the river effect, they got around to moving it to its summer home upriver.

But not before they had collected more of the bits and pieces debris that it had stopped from floating down the river from April’s record flooding.

It’s been a huge job cleaning up along the long length of the river – one that continues still and will for some months.

While contaminated sandbags are the big story, a flotilla of river refuse has been a constant sight for more than a month.

Not only just going over the Bracebridge Falls.

Everything from refrigerators — to docks with Muskoka chairs still on them — and more was seen headed out toward Muskoka Lake.

Laurie Fountain, who lives on the river snapped a couple of pics of the bridge repatriation Thursday.

The snowmobile bridge heads to its summer home after being repatriated Thursday. (Photos by Laurie Fountain)
It’s been a huge job cleaning up debris along the Muskoka River that was caught by the snowmobile bridge.