GRAVENHURST — Electric and driverless cars are down the road.

Today, if you have domestic car or truck and you need auto repairs fast in downtown Gravenhurst there’s a new mechanic shop open this spring.

Bill Talbot and Scott Baker offer Quality work at their Muskoka Road South sales and repair business near Main Street in Gravenhurst.

Quality Mechanic Shop and used car sales opened this spring in Gravenhurst on Muskoka Road South at Main Street.

The large garage where legendary Moe Draper ran his popular small engine business has taken on a new life with the auto service centre and used vehicle lot.

Talbot has 10 or so cars for offer, including few exciting offering car buffs may want to kick the tires on.

A standout is a gorgeous fire engine red 1954 Ford F100 pickup with a 550 hp V8 engine, you can pick up for the sticker price of $35,000.

Another beaut’ is a ’73 canary yellow ’Cuda, and of course there’s a summer-ready champagne-coloured 2001 convertible Corvette.

Across the lot there are more than a half dozen various other makes and models for sale.

And Baker knows them all inside and out.

The certified mechanic who has lived in Gravenhurst for eight years and who has worked in Bracebridge and Huntsville for other Muskoka dealers has been working on and repairing cars and trucks for almost 30 years.


So, the 54-year-old more than knows his way around a wrench.

Full service, that’s what Quality offers. Everything from the end of the winter tire season now to spring tune-ups.

With two hoists there’s no waiting and diagnostic tools to solve engine light problems, Baker is ready for just about anything.

Except foreign cars. “I stay away from them,” he says with a friendly smile.

But if it’s domestic cars and trucks, you’re good to go.

His dad was into hot rods and Baker’s first car was a ’69 Buick GS 400.

Now he drives a 2006 Impala SS with a 353 hp and a V8 under the hood.

So, if you need a new set of wheels or mechanical work done on your pickup or sedan — at a reasonable hourly rate of $89.95 per hour — stop in and see Baker and Talbot.

They’er also associated with Shayne at All Area Towing if your auto needs a lift.

They’re located next to Peter’s Player’s and open Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and by appointment Saturdays.

Call Scott at 705-795-2421.

Quality mechanic Scott Baker can handle any auto repair job. He’s been a certified mechanic since 1992, working in Bracebridge and Huntsville.
A canary yellow 1973 Baracuda and a1954 fire engine red Ford F100 are among the premium Quality vehicles on offer.
With two new hoists and a full shop, including diagnostic tools, Quality can service most vehicle makes and models.
Looks for this sign on Muskoka Road at Main Street next to Peter’s Players.
This 2001 Corvette is among at least 10 Quality used cars and trucks on the lot this spring.
Quality opened this spring in the 2,000-square-foot garage where Moe Draper ran his small engine shop on Gravenhurst’s main street south.

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