Is Huntsville Mayor Scott Aichison considering federal Tory run Oct. 20?

PARRY SOUND-MUSKOKA — With a successful campaign to help save Muskoka hospitals behind him — and Tony Clement possibly out of the running — does Huntsville Mayor Scott Aichison have his eye set on Ottawa Oct. 20?

A weekend phone survey seems to hint that way.

Or it could be a floater by some other party or candidate.

An anonymous automated telephone poll Sunday, March 10, asked these three questions:

Mayor Scott Aichison, a longtime Tory, considered run for district chair in 2010.

Question No. 1

Do you feel the Liberals are taking the country in the right direction?

Question No. 2

Who would you vote for if there was an election today?

  1. Andrew Sheer
  2. Justin Trudeau
  3. The NDP guy

Question No. 3

Who would you vote for locally?

  1. Scott Aichison;
  2. Tricia Cowie (Liberal);
  3. The NDP

Aichison, a longtime Tory and party worker, considered a run for district chair in 2010, before going on to two terms as mayor.