Child safety ID kit sales legit, say OPP

BRACEBRIDGE — Social media reports rusing to claim the sale of child ID safety kits as a scam are wrong, say police in Muskoka.

Police say social media reports to the contrary, McGruff is a legitimate child safety ID program with a sales person soliciting in Muskoka.

The say that on Wednesday July 11, OPP officers conducted an investigation into a suspected scam operating in the area involving the sale of “McGruff” child ID and safety kits.

The person conducting the sales in the area called police as he was concerned about some social media posts indicating that his activities were criminal in nature.

The police investigation determined that the responsible organization is legitimate and is operating within legal parameters.

As always, members of the public are encouraged to exercise caution when being approached by salespeople, whether it be in person or online. Steps can be taken to ascertain if it is a legal operation and legitimate salespeople will be able to provide adequate verification of their credentials.

And people are warned not to rush onto social media without checking first.

Verify information with credible sources before reposting.