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GRAVENHURST — “What a blast!”

Fireworks at the Muskoka Wharf here last night were worth the wait.

After a fire ban earlier in the summer that cancelled the colourful — if not particularly environmentally-friendly — display, the night sky lit up over Gravenhurst Bay with the lightening loud sound and fury of a war zone.

Well over a 1,000 firecracker fans lined the shoreline and hundreds more floating in boats celebrated the half-way point of the summer for more than 15 minutes Saturday night.

To a round of applause the sight marked a summer glass still half full and put the hot and wet empty glass of July behind us.


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See a video video view, below, from onboard the Seqwun’s stern.

The Muskoka Steamships were lit up Saturday night as fireworks returned to Gravenhurst Bay on the Aug. 5 Civic Holiday weekend at Gravenhurst’s Muskoka Wharf.
Crowds ship to shore lined Gravenhurst Bay – including boats in the water – for the 20-minute lightfest that resembled a waterfront war zone.