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TORONTO Staycations let you explore our world at your doorstep.

They are fun, entertaining, informative — and scary.

Muskoka may be the place to lollygag at the lake, but if a trip to capital city is means more than the Ex and CN Tower, your ROM is a cool place to go round the world in 80 minutes.

The Royal Ontario Museum is yours to re-discover. It offers a bit of everything — including currently Wonders of Nature, the Dawn of Life and #My Pandemic stories of COVID.

And of course dinosaurs — galore — and a commissioned art work like that of El Anatsui, a Mumbai artist who took discarded liquor bottle caps cut, flattened, twisted and tied them in to a massively stunning mural.

For kids there’s a ride-along with a Harry Potter inspired exhibit that lets you hob knob with powerful wizards that sound as scary as they are wondrous.

Mass Extinction dates back 252 million years and talks about how global warming nearly killed all life including almost 90 per cent of all marine life.

It offers slices of previous life that present a permanent representations of fossils embedded in rock and how they have been preserved through excavations you can touch and run your fingers through.

All in a less than a good day.

And that’s barely the beginning of what to be unearthed by touristy sleuths willing to let the minds wander about floors of history filled with overwhelming marvels that make this staycation destination a must after years of relative isolation.

The Royal Ontario Museum is yours to rediscover this summer with a number of special exhibits including the Wonders of the World.
Liquor caps cut, flattened, twisted and tied together create this stunning art piece by Indian artist El Anatsui.
Snakes that can stretch 22 feet perhaps inspired dragons.
Look up and look out for dragons hovering above as you walk beneath the wild wonders of the world.
Dinosaurs galore are seen throughout the ROM, enough to scare even the bravest.
Families can’t get enough of flying raptors and have to go home with a selfie.
One of the oldest and most popular attractions is this dinosaur that stretches almost the full length of the room filled with big and small skeletal remains.
From the Dawn of Life … lets visitors touch and feel fossils embedded in Canadian rock.
ROM is filled with relics from many world civilizations, including these 17th century tiles from Iran showing a man marching with his horse.
As part of the South Asia exhibit is this modern teak and metal take by India’s Navjot Altaef showing a type of mudra with its hands held out in receiving and giving gestures.
A nod to Queen Elizabeth II’s 70th anniversary shows highlights of tours in Canada, including an official autographed photo of her and Prince Philip.
Throughout Ontario’s largest museum are hidden treasures like this beautiful stained glass window.


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