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GRAVENHURST — And the beep, beep — boom — goes on.

It’ll be in to next week before those seismic-sounding blasts — and accompanying warning sounds (three long, one short) stop echoing across town at the new Alexander Muskoka Residence and care facility.

This afternoon before officials wielding six decent-sized silver-handled shovels “broke ground” on the retirement home, there was another thunderous clap 100 metres away and down site from where a couple dozen officials and dignitaries gathered to celebrate the start of the project almost a decade in planning.

And what they heard and felt up close shook the scenic hill overlooking Lake Muskoka, The Wharf and Muskoka Steamship fleet.

It sounded like a round of applause from amused onlookers and supporters of the housing project and the type that Mayor Paul Kelly said the town is in need more of — especially supportive kind.

With work well underway on the property at the end of Isaac Street, overlooking Gravenhurst Bay, the Greystone builders stopped their monstrous machinery momentarily to allow for the official earth-shattering announcement about the big dig.

Work on the storm water infrastructure resumed after speeches and ahead of water and sewer connections to come down the tiny dead-end street over the summer and month ahead.

The complete build will take 18 to 20 months.

The three-storey building will feature a total of 95 residential suites with services, as well as a large kitchen, an activity and common area, laundry facilities, health centre and physiotherapy rooms. The new homes will include a mix of bachelor, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments.

The private development project recently received $23.3 million in federal funding through the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.

Thirty units will be affordable, with 12 of them funded through almost $1 million from District of Muskoka.

Leonard Ojha, managing general partner, said the residence will open in early spring 2024 and will provide high level housing and care.

He says for  more info go to www.thealexander.ca

A separate but similar condo housing project for 186 units is now before local planning officials and is located directly beneath the  Alexander and proposes a possible five-storey building and commercial development next the the Segwun and Wenonah II ships.

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Leonard Ojha talks about developing and now building The Alexander Muskoka Residence.

Some day this view of Lake Muskoka could all yours if you live at the Alexander Muskoka Residence in Gravenhurst says Leonard Ojha, managing general partner.
The big dig this afternoon had Mayor Paul Kelly and the developers tossing dirt to thunderous applause.
Construction is well underway with blasting for storm water runoff, which will be filtered, going down into Lake Muskoka.
Over three dozen supporter turned out on a sunny Thursday afternoon to kick off the project that’s been about a decade in the making.
From atop a mound of smooth sand the view over the Muskoka Wharf will be breath-taking when it is complete in early spring 2024.

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