RUSTY DRAPER | Contributing columnist 

Well, it’s hard to believe, but here we are officially into September, the month that says goodbye to summer and ushers in my favourite season of the year.

The only disappointment that shatters me a tad, is the knowledge that autumn is the precursor of what comes next.

I never did like winter months all that well. It just means wearing heavier and bulkier clothing. Boots to cover your feet, and mitts to shield your fingers. Let’s not forget about the higher heating bills and the cost of having winter tires installed on your automobile. Shovelling snow, and getting stuck in snowbanks are a couple more reasons why winter isn’t on my Top 10 List.

I was going to make mention about the runny noses, but mine is runny 12 months of the year. In fact, I don’t think there’s a man on earth who blows his nose any more than I do. (Is this too much information?)

The only thing in January worth celebrating is my birthday; but at my age it’s no longer a celebration. Just more of a reminder that I’m getting closer to enjoying that last ride in the limousine. (I think most people refer to is as a hearse.)

I mention my birthday for any of you who feel prompted to send birthday gifts.

So, friends, don’t let me go too far adrift and off the beaten path.

We are here today to remind ourselves of all that ‘Sweet Splendid September’ presents to us.

In the neighbourhood that most of you live in, we are blessed beyond measure to be situated in the centre of God’s most beautiful earthly creation.

The deciduous trees explode into a kaleidoscope of amazing colour mixed generously with the darker shades of the evergreens.

Tens of thousands of tourists will fill buses to capacity from southern Ontario and the U.S.A. to witness this magnificence.

This dazzling beauty is not the only unique thing about this favourite month of mine.

Sit back and be astonished as September is loaded with numerous gems that we need to explore.

At your next coffee or tea get together with friends you’ll no doubt astound them with the following facts on the Nineth Month of the year:

Fact #1. September-ites are more likely to live to 100 that any other birth month. Actually, in fairness, babies born from September to November have a higher chance of hitting the century-mark.

Fact #2. September babies are more apt to excel both academically and in sports.

Fact #3. Elvis Presley really arrived in the big leagues when he made his first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show Sept. 9, 1956. If you are old enough, you’ll remember what really stood out on this particular show. What made it so memorable was that Sullivan instructed his camera crew and directors not to televise anything below the belt of Elvis’ pants. Sullivan didn’t want his TV audience to be exposed to the gyrations that made Elvis so quickly a teenage heart-throb.

Fact #4. Big-name stars made their entrance in the world in the month of September, such as football sensation Joe Theismann. Movie stars Adam Sandler and Hugh Grant, Canadian crooner Michael Buble.

All of the afore-mentioned stars probably won more hearts, but there’s one more name to the list that has definitely delighted more stomachs.

This star in his own right was born on Sept. 9, 1890. Colonel Harland Sanders, of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame, was not only born in September, but in this particular case it’s the day of the month that’s more important.

I can’t hold back the enthusiasm any longer. Friends — as the adrenalin rush is settling in — you better sit down for this one. Take it from this old Fuddy Duddy, your friends at your next coffee get-together will look at you differently from here on in.

Here it is: More babies are born on Sept. 9 than any other day of the year. Sept.  19 comes a close second.

There’s one more very important date in my favourite month of the year that needs to be remembered as well.

Election Day Sept. 20th.

Oh please, don’t get me started on that one.