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MUSKOKA LAKESAnother serious watercraft accident this afternoon landed four people in hospital and the operator of a Sea-Doo charged with impaired driving.

Provincial police responded to a call on Three Mile Lake just before 2:30 p.m., not far from Windermere where two boaters died on Wednesday.

Resident witnesses say they watched the Sea-Doo with two occupants collide with a family of three on a kayak about 150 metres from the shore.

Muskoka Lakes Fire and Muskoka EMS attended to assist with multiple injured parties who were still in the lake.

Two adults and one child were transported to South Muskoka Memorial Hospital and treated for minor injuries then released.

The 28-year-old female passenger of the personal watercraft was also released from the hospital with minor injuries.

The driver was not injured.

Police say all parties involved in the collision were wearing their personal floatation device (PFD).

The OPP arrested and charged 28-year-old Tara Conetta, of Toronto, with:

  • Impaired Operation CC 320.14(1)(a)
  • And over 80 CC 320.14(1)(b)
  • Fail to keep proper look out and Failure to have proof of competency on board of pleasure craft contrary to the Canadian Shipping Act.

Conetta is to appear in the Ontario Court of Justice in Bracebridge on Sept. 21, 2021 to answer to her charges.

The OPP is reminding Ontario residents and tourists that being well-informed about Ontario safe boating practices and laws will help ensure an enjoyable and tragedy-free summer on the water.

They say alcohol/drug-impaired operation of a motorized marine vessel is dangerous.

Call 9-1-1 if you suspect someone on the water to be impaired by alcohol or drugs. In doing so this could be saving lives, including your own.

The accident follows a collision between two boats this week in Windermere, where a 13-year-old girl and a 51-year-old woman died.

Eight people have died on Muskoka waters since June 27.

Police say the operator of this Sea-Doo was charged with impaired driving after it collided with a kayak carrying three people who ended up in hospital along with a passenger on this bloodied personal watercraft. (OPP handout photo)
Three Mile Lake is less than a half hour east of Windermere where a child and an adult died in a two vessel boating accident in Windermere Wednesday.



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