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GRAVENHURST — En garde Ontario.

As COVID cases creep up, the province is positioned back in a defensive posture after weeks of lunging steps that have won it battles — if not the war.

Simcoe reported 8 cases today (Public Health Ontario said it was 10).

That’s after a week in which case counts varied from 0 to 4.

Seven of them were from yesterday. The eighth was July 13.

One was in Muskoka, a young Gravenhurst woman aged 18-34, who had close contact and was reported yesterday after a first exposure Tuesday.

That follows the previous week in which case counts ranged from 0-4.

On this date, July 23, 2020, only 2 cases were posted by the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit (SMDHU). (Barrie and Innisfil.)

A year on Ontario has 192 today and 1 death. Yesterday those numbers were 185 and 7.

Also Friday, active cases in this region rose to 30 from 22 Thursday.

Hospitalizations here remain the same at 4.

Among the good news from SMDHU, there were no new variant cases and total Delta cases remained at 105.

But vaccine uptake remains slow stalled at 68 per cent with one shot and 51.7 with doses.

That compares provincially with 80 per cent with one dose and 66 with two.

Numbers show a big rise in not only cases but active cases over yesterday.


  • 12,350 cases to date
  • 17 cases this week, 16 last week, which was 24% lower than the 21 cases reported for the week of July 4 (when that was the lowest number since last August)
  • 4 deaths in July, 6 in June
  • 3,997 Alpha cases, 166 Gamma, 34 Beta 105 Delta
  • 673 cases await confirmation of VOC
  • 730,250+ vaccines have been administered in Simcoe Muskoka
  • 411,190+ residents have received their first vaccine, which represents 68% of the population
  • 78% of adults 18+ have had at least one vaccine
  • 65% of those aged 12 to 17 have also been injected once


  • An Iowa nurse who was one of two fired for administering six times the amount of Pfizer in 77 inmates is fighting her firing. She says it wasn’t her fault and that she is “blameless,” after prison authorities switched from Moderna, which doesn’t require being diluted like Pfizer.
  • Hundreds of Canadian university students may be homeless as schools can’t accommodate them in residences due to deferred enrolment after the 2020 term was cancelled due to the pandemic. Now as some students opt to return to in-person classes they can’t find a bed to sleep in with all the competition for spaces.
  • Store shelves are again being stressed, leaving shoppers equally out of all sorts of products.
  • U.S. purchases 200 million Pfizer vaccines in preparation for elementary school kids and possible booster shots, the White House said today.
The need for needles in arms became stat today as provincial and regional health statistics show a bit of an uptick in cases today.

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