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GRAVENHURST — It’s hard to picture a sunset not worth a thousand poems.

And why a walk about the Muskoka Wharf is a golden opportunity to stare in to a gorgeous dusky abyss.

A perambulate that’s as pleasing to the eyes of photographers craving to capture digital drama with their phones as it is to the reader viewing the results.

For Nathan Wilcox — a teenage communications artist and snow- and wake-boarder in Gravenhurst — photography is one of his passions.

His palette is his camera, his words expressed in a collage of colours.

Like the ones we caught him digitally documenting the other night.

Along with dozens of others who can’t resist pointing and shooting.

Sunsets are as alluring to photographers as escape was to Icarus.

On any given night millions of cameras point west.

And the results are amazingly self-satisfying with smartphones.

Easy peasy.

Enjoy these and send us yours to

We captured Nathan Wilcox focusing his Canon DSLR in this captivating view of the evening vista to show the contrasting light with his silhouetted head above the horizon.
Greavette Island looks like a distant island paradise in this captivating palm-like photo.
Nature is nurtured with the use of foliage framing, which filters out the red rays of the day.
Out of the west’s setting sun comes a boater back from an evening on Lake Muskoka.
A floral foreground fills the frame shifting your eye out further in to the lake from the piney flowers and to the far reaches of this near picture-perfect photo.
A standard stock image of the Muskoka Wharf sets the stage for the essay and is the essential establishing shot.
A gaggle of Canada geese moves your eye across the lake for some movement – and utilizes a fun little effective photo-editing by playing with the computer palette.


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