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SIMCOE-MUSKOKA — Another day, another number worth worrying about after a few days when it looked like the tide has turned.

Twenty per cent of today’s declining regional COVID cases were in Muskoka.

That’s 5 of 25, according to updated reports this afternoon from the Simcoe-Muskoka District Health Unit.

As usual, Public Health Ontario posted almost half that number with 13 cases this morning.

And it’s an unusually high number for Muskoka compared to Simcoe, which has always been much higher even percentage wise.

Local public health reports these 5 Muskokans:

  1. Bracebridge man, 35-44, under investigation, after reporting June 8, with a first episode June 8
  2. Gravenhurst male, 0-17, close contact, after reporting June 8, with a first episode June 7
  3. Gravenhurst woman, 18-34, close contact, after reporting June 8, with a first episode June 7
  4. Huntsville man, 18-34, under investigation, after reporting June 8, with a first episode June 7
  5. Muskoka Lakes man, 65-79, community acquired, after reporting June 8, with a first episode June 2

Still, regional cases are in deep decline the past month alone.

Ontario as a whole was down to 411 — however with 33 deaths. Yesterday those numbers were 469 and 18 deaths.

Toronto, too, was down at almost half, dropping to 97 cases from 182 Tuesday.

Peel dipped to 72 from 76.

And York, after having no cases a day ago, jumped to 26.

North Bay-Parry Sound doubled to 2 from 1.

Nearby Porcupine fell to 21 cases today after 57 last Friday, when it had the highest number of cases per 100,000 population per week at almost 12.

Equally hard-hit Manitoba reported 250 cases and 2 deaths this afternoon.

To western province is offering a total of $2 million in prizes this summer in a pair of draws to encourage vaccinations. Each draw will award a series of $100,000 prizes for different health regions, and 10 scholarships with $25,000 each will go to those age 12 to 17.

And Manitobans won’t soon have to isolate at home after travelling outside the province.

On the positive side for Simcoe-Muskoka, the region is almost at 60 per cent of residents with at least one vaccine now, which is more than 357,750+ people.

As well, 70% of adults 18 years and older have had that all important first dose.

And now 36% of youth aged 12 to 17 have also been vaccinated once.


  • 12,102 cases to date
  • 51 new cases reported this week, 152 last week, which was 27% lower than the 207 the week before
  • 1 death in June, 18 in May, 25 in April and 12 in March
  • 3,850 Alpha cases, 146 Gamma, 26 Beta, 12 Delta
  • 698 cases awaiting confirmation of variant
  • 404,500+ vaccines have been administered in Simcoe Muskoka
  • 357,750+ residents have had their first vaccine, which represents 59%+ of the population
  • 70% of adults 18 years and older have had at least one dose of vaccine and 36% of youth 12 to 17 years of age have had their first vaccine dose.
New mid-week numbers show the ebb and flow of COVID-19.


  • 23.8 million Canadians have had their first vaccine and 3.3 million their second.
  • Joe Biden is making his first trip out of the country to Europe.
  • Quebec reports 178 cases and 8 deaths.
  • Air Canada execs who landed in hot water for taking $10 million in bonuses tied to COVID, while losing billions, laying off thousands and getting millions from the government, gave back the money Monday a week after in an unusual move.
  • Flying home will no longer Canadians time and money in a federally-designated hotel now — if they have proof of 2 vaccinations.
Don and Jane Woods, of Gravenhurst, got out for the Tuesday takeout spaghetti special at Boston Pizza, as businesses offer more deals and the economy loosens up ahead of Friday’s official provincial summer kickoff.

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