HUNTSVILLE An East York man faces seven drug, weapons and threatening violence related charges after a joint police investigation that began seven days ago.

Provincial police say that last Wednesday members of the OPP’s Muskoka Crime Unit, Regional Support team (RST) Community Street Crime Unit (CSCU) and Toronto Police Service started investigating after alleged threats with a weapon they say occurred here in Huntsville.

They say that led to the arrest of Erik Zingel, 20, who was charged with:

  1. Uttering threats to cause Bodily Harm S 264.1(1) (a) CCC
  2. Unauthorized possession of a prohibited or restricted weapon S 91(1) CCC
  3. Possession of a weapon for a dangerous Purpose S88 CCC
  4. Possession of cannabis for the purpose of selling S 10(2) Cannabis Act
  5. Possession of a schedule 1 substance for the purpose of trafficking S 5(2) CDSA
  6. Possession of a schedule 3 substance for the purpose of trafficking S 4(1) CDSA
  7. Possession of a schedule 1 substance x 2 S 4(1) CDSA

Zingel was released from custody to appear June 2, 2021, the in Ontario Court of Justice in Huntsville.

With the help of police in Toronto, an East York man was arrested and charge in Huntsville.