SIMCOE-MUSKOKA — With 84 local cases today — including 2 in Muskoka — a second provincial stay-at-home order begins tomorrow amid rising numbers in Ontario — including 17 more deaths.

That’s from the total from the health unit.

Both Muskoka cases are young females in Huntsville: one is under 18, the other 18-34. Both are under investigation.

This morning the province reported Simcoe-Muskoka as having 68 cases.

The province reported 3,215 cases this morning — led by the Big 3: Toronto 1,095, Peel 596 and York 342.

The nation’s capital region was also up at 225.

Even Peterborough saw a spike at 10 cases.

North Bay-Parry Sound also had 2 new cases, Sudbury 29.

This as Premier Doug Ford will lay out details of plans for a second provincewide order this afternoon at 2 p.m.

More to follow ….

Just as the streets are coming more alive with touches of spring, rising COVID cases are about to put the province back in to lockdown tomorrow.

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