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GRAVENHURST — Going for a walk is not illegal — if you’re six feet apart.

In fact it’s encouraged by the government for your mental and physical health.

And if it’s for a good cause all the better.

So get out of your house Saturday morning for a stroll around town or just in your neighbourhood.

To help Gravenhurst Against Poverty in their annual major fundraiser: Coldest Night of the Year walk.

They’ve already surpassed their $50,000 goal with pledges of 153 per cent as of noon today: $76,588.

The Rotary-sponsored organization, which has been feeding hundreds twice-weekly in home delivery and pick-ups for the past few years, isn’t doing its regular walk from the arena.

Instead, due to COVID walkers are asked to hike and turn in donations on their own.

Or through their CNOY website.

There’s sill time to walk the walk for poverty.

To register for the walk or sponsor a person or group, go to https://cnoy.org/location/gravenhurst

And they can use the money, as they move from their long-time home at Trinity due to church basement and kitchen renovations.

They’re re-locating to the back of the Ing Building off Sharpe Street, behind Dap Thatch’s DTA Accounting Muskoka Road offices next to the main street Opera House.

It’s part of GAP’s community wellness and youth hub project plans for the site up street from the downtown elementary and high schools.

The ambitious group is also branching out with new programs like the free cab rides Tuesdays and Thursdays for essential services they began before Christmas.

And a virtual speaker series called Building Community Compassion.

Today’s noon-hour talk was entitled Bridging the GAP: Creating Your Narrative – Service Autonomy. Their first one a few weeks ago was on the powers of medicinal pot.

As of noon Thursday GAP had raised $76,588, which is 153 per cent of their goal.
GAP volunteer Maggie Keats has been out for weeks getting in shape for Saturday’s Coldest Night of the Year walk while wearing her CNOY toque and wrapped in her matching scarf. You’ll see plenty of people with them.

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