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SIMCOE-MUSKOKA — A day after and two days before: Simcoe-Muskoka sees 35 more cases of COVID.

That’s one more than the 34 the health unit reported Friday.

And no one’s happy about that.

Meanwhile, Monday’s return to “Grey-Lockdown” status has local residents on edge.

Yesterday’s provincial “emergency brake” caught many off-guard.

And the surprise stay-at-home announcement — which comes after only two weeks in the red “control” zone — was met with incredulity online.

“Say you’re joking,” Beth Moreau wrote on FB — adding a frowny face.

“WTF,” said Marie Cross.

“I don’t get it,” Angie Snow Shubrook simply said.

Said Cal Lillico: “This is a big door to open. There are a lot province-wide and I am not sure we can deal with the further provincial strain. We have a lot of improvements to make.”

“Thank goodness! Have you seen the cases rising since we went red? I am relieved,” wrote Theresa Buker, who said Friday she and her husband Barry already has a vaccine appointment for Wednesday as Metis members.

Gary White, too, appeared to express support: “Sadly there are some local businesses that disregard masking rules.”

But many took unkindly to the news pointing their fingers south.

“Thanks Simcoe and city folks,” said Ted Hudson.

“Does that mean blowing the whistle on non-residents?” wrote Gary Gerhart. “It should!”

Others, like Fred Orchard, were less than kind:

“What a f***ing joke. Our Muskoka businesses finally open and follow all the protocols for 2 weeks and get shut down again based on numbers from the southern areas. Grrrr…!!!”

“We are going into our third lockdown!! On Monday!! For Simcoe/Muskoka Our small businesses will suffer again. We should have stayed in the second lockdown, doctors said so. So very sad,” Shirley Green posted.

“It’s just stupid lumping Barrie with Muskoka,” said Linda Gauthier. “They are 50 miles apart to begin with.”

Patsy Beirs Alder didn’t mince her words: “It’s ridiculous….stupid, stupid, stupid.”

This as Ontario reported 1,185 cases (16 deaths) Saturday, down from 1,258 Friday.

Toronto was down, too, day-over-day to 331 from 362; same with Peel 220 vs. 274.

York Region went up to 119 from 104.

Quebec was up slightly at 858 today from 815 yesterday.

All this two days out from vaccine rollouts in Simcoe-Muskoka Monday, March 1, including in Bracebridge and Huntsville next week.

People were both surprised and not surprised about re-entering lockdown Monday. Some agreed, most did not online. But all agreed they look forward to next week’s vaccine rollout as today’s local numbers were up by one case to 35.


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