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SIMCOE-MUSKOKA — A half dozen COVID cases in Muskoka are among 144 reported for the past three days by the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit (SMDHU).

Four more in Huntsville, where it leads the district with 64 cases, and on each in Gravenhurst and Bracebridge.

North Bay-Parry Sound, which is under extended lockdown, reported 0 cases today, 3 Sunday and 17 Saturday.

The SMDHU’s Muskoka cases Monday are:

  • Gravenhurst man, aged 45-64, community acquired reported Feb. 20 with a first episode Feb. 19;
  • Huntsville woman, 35-44, under investigation, reported Feb. 20 and first episode Feb. 19;
  • Huntsville woman, 65-79, close contact, reported Feb. 20 with first episode Feb. 19;
  • Huntsville man, 65-79, close contact, reported Feb. 20 and first episode Feb. 13;
  • Bracebridge woman, 35-44, outbreak related, reported Feb. 19 with first episode Feb. 18;
  • Huntsville woman, 65-79, close contact, reported Feb. 19 and first episode Feb. 18.

They are among 210 cases of COVID in Muskoka since the outbreak last winter.

As of today, Feb. 22, Huntsville leads those case counts at 64, followed by Gravenhurst 47, Bracebridge 39, Muskoka Lakes 43, Georgian Bay 11 and Lake of Bays 6.

Simcoe has had the bulk of the cases with 6,032 and 183 of the deaths.

Muskoka remains at 3 deaths.

The health unit also says 1 Muskoka person is in hospital and 24 are in hospital in Simcoe.

Muskoka also has 4 active cases in the agriculture sector as of Feb. 19 and 7 in the food and beverage industry as of Feb. 17.

Meanwhile, province-wide Ontario reports 1,058 cases (11 deaths), down from 1,228 Saturday and 1,087 Sunday.

Today the province posted 325 cases in Toronto, 215 in Peel and 87 in York Region.

They also said Simcoe-Muskoka had 132 cases the past three days (47 today, 49 Sunday and 36 Saturday).


  • There were 2 more deaths in Simcoe over the weekend
  • o date 171 local cases have been tested positive for the COVID-19 variant of concern UK B.1.1.7 and an additional 187 cases have screened positive (awaiting confirmatory testing)
  • Total vaccinations 34,146 and 1,227 yesterday
  • More than 15,000 individuals have received both of the required doses of the vaccine. In addition, 2,943 (92%) long-term care residents and 2,998 (69%) retirement home residents have received their first dose
  • There have been 25 new cases reported to the health unit for the current week as of Sunday. There were 271 new cases reported to the health unit last week (week of Feb. 14), approximately 30% higher than the 210 cases reported for the week of Feb. 7


  • Vaccines getting closer to younger ages with more doses coming this week. Ontario is targeting those over 80, while Alberta is aiming for people 75+ and 65 and older if you’re on a First Nation there.
  • Quebec reports 805 cases and 11 deaths; Manitoba 97 and 2; Newfoundland and Labrador 14.
  • The Toronto Star reports 2021 testing in some schools show less than 1 per cent of students, teachers and parents tested positive. That was in Ottawa, Sudbury, Toronto, Peel and Hamilton. It says all the 72 school boards plan similar tests soon as April 12-18 spring break approaches.
  • AstraZeneca vaccine reported to be close to approval from Health Canada this week.
  • Snowbird rules in force now forcing those flying in to spend the first 3 of their 14 quarantine days in a hotel are getting little public sympathy in phone-ins as they also complain about not being able to book rooms in those pricey government-sponsored rooms.
The final week of February begins with this state of affairs in Simcoe and Muskoka.
COVID has meant a lot of waiting around and time spent paying for extra associated costs, but that safety first philosophy is shared by most people concerned about their health and that of others.

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